The pouch packaging kit

Easy to Fill at Home in 4 Steps

Medication pouch packaging is perfect for people on the go, as these multidose pouches are easily carried in a pocket or in a purse.  Each sealed pouch can be labeled as morning, noon, afternoon, evening or bedtime.   You’ll be able to quickly produce a one week supply of pouches.  These could be morning and evening pouches or noon and bedtime, or whenever you usually take your medications during the day. These pouches are perforated so they can easily be opened.  Our kit makes it easy to quickly fill and seal these medication pouches, the kit comes with an electronic sealer, a filling tray and a roll of 200 pouches.  (Purchase additional pouches separately)

Try our pouch packaging kit today.

These pouches are perforated and easy to open.

Carry these pouches in your pocket.

Carry these pouches in your purse.

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Filling your Medication Pouches is Simple

Say you take 4 medications in the morning and 4 medications in the afternoon, we’ll be filling for a 7 day regimen.

Step 1.

Lets start with our 4 morning meds, tear off 7 pouches (1 week) from the included roll of pouches & on the white side write “morning” on each pouch.

Step 2.

Pickup the filling tray and remove the lid, then place the open tray down on the table.

Take your first morning medication and place one capsule into each of the 7 filling slots of the filling tray.

Continue to place your three other medications into each of the filling slots of the filling tray.

Step 3.

Snap on the filling tray lid and rotate the chute to the first slot of medications.  Pick up one of your morning pouches, rub it between your thumb and your forefinger and the pouch will open.

Turn the tray over and place the chute into the now open pouch and the medications will slide into the pouch.

Place the open end of the pouch into the sealer and press down. The light will come on for 3 seconds, when the light goes out the pouch will be sealed.

Step 4

Rotate the chute on the filling tray lid to the second medication filling slot. Then fill the second morning pouch, sealing it when finished.

Finish filling and sealing all 7 days of your morning medication pouches. Follow the same procedure for filling the 7 afternoon medication pouches.

You're Done, it's that Easy!

You have a 1 week supply of morning and afternoon medication filled pouches. Fill noon and evening pouches if needed.

Watch the video above to see easy it is to fill and use these medication pouches at home to make a one week, morning and afternoon doses, its so quick and easy.