Our Fasted Growing Segment

Seniors are the fasted growing segment of our population.  According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, around 81 percent of seniors take prescription medication. In the United States, some of the impacts of non-adherence account for 125,000 deaths per year, they account for 25% of nursing home admissions and 20% of adverse drug events.

Nearly 100,000 emergency room visits by older adults (starting at age 65) occur annually due to adverse drug reactions and over 40 percent of people over age 65 take five to nine medications every day.

12% of seniors never fill their prescriptions to begin with, 12% don’t take their prescriptions after having them filled, 29% stop taking their prescriptions before completing the prescribed course and 22% take less medications than what was prescribed.

Many of the problems can be attributed to confusion when seniors attempt to take their prescriptions correctly. Seniors are taking too much, too little or at the wrong time of day.  Sometimes seniors with bad memories can forget to take their prescriptions and some can take twice as much as prescribed for that day.

When used correctly, our pharmacy grade disposable multi-med cards can help seniors to avoid these problems.  The torn foil backing is a visible indication that the medication was taken.  Certain medications shouldn’t be taken together or different  medications need to be taken at a specific time of day.  Our cards help by separating your medications into 4 times a day doses.

You’ll also be able to fill a few weeks of multi-med cards at one time. Imagine only having to fill cards twice a month.  Once used you’ll be able to throw your empty multi-med card away and use a fresh, clean card for each week.


Make several cards at one time