Medication Packaging Solutions

The key to good health and long life is good nutrition and taking your prescribed medications correctly.

At our goal is to help you with the medications part by offering you a superior packaging solution for taking your medications the right way.  We’ll help you to take the right medication, the right dose at the right time.

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, around 81 percent of seniors take prescription medication. In the United States, some of the impacts of non-adherence account for 125,000 deaths per year, they account for 25% of nursing home admissions and 20% of adverse drug events.

Nearly 100,000 emergency room visits by older adults (starting at age 65) occur annually due to adverse drug reactions and over 40 percent of people over age 65 take five to nine medications every day. Many of these deaths and hospital visits could be avoided if we could take our medications correctly.

I’ve been involved in the medication packaging industry for over 13 years. Helping to supply pharmacies with blister packaging and the equipment that fills them.  I’m pleased to be able to offer this exceptional clean, sealed, disposable pill box card for your home use.  By taking your medications correctly I’m sure you’ll see a marked improvement in your health.

To your good health.