Drug Disposal Made Easy

Rx Destroyer™ provides ready-to-use, chemical drug destruction for all purpose and liquid medications including pills, capsules, patches, powders, suppositories, liquids and cannabis waste. Our drug disposal product is pharmacist approved and recommended, Rx Destroyer is found in pharmacies across the United States, Canada and South America.  Just drop your old medications into the bottle’s liquid, once full drop in the packet of hardener and toss it into any common trash receptacle.  Rx Destroyer chemical drug destruction meets DEA “non-retrievable” standards and meets or exceeds disposal regulations for solid waste in most states.

Drug Disposal As Easy As 1, 2, 3…

Step 1. Simply load unused or unwanted medications into the bottle

Step 2. Gently shake to mix hardener solution over medications

Step 3. Discard bottle with contents into common trash

  • Rx Destroyer - Drug disposal made easy, this product comes in 16oz and 64oz sizes, complete with hardener. Click To Order

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