Chronic Pain

Millions of people are considered chronic sufferers around the world. According to the Department of Health in Britain up to 7.8 million people suffer from chronic pain. The biggest single contributor to that statistic is those suffering from back pain.

Many people use opiate-based drugs for this type of chronic pain. As I’m sure your aware opiate-based drugs can be addictive when abused by pain sufferers.  By sealing these type of medications into our pill box card you’ll be sure that your medication will be taken on a regular schedule as prescribed by your physician. You shouldn’t wait until pain becomes severe to take pain medication. Pain is easier to control when it is mild. You should take your pain medication regularly, just as prescribed. Sometimes this means taking medicine on a regular schedule, even when you don’t feel pain.

An important point is that our card is sealed and that a person would have to break the seal to access the dose.  A broken seal would indicate abuse and would show that the opiate was taken before its prescribed time. With a regular plastic pill box it’s easy to remove the dose and then close the lid.

Make several cards at one time