Healthcare providers around the world are dealing with medication non-adherence, this has been called a global epidemic.  Adherence is the extent to which the patient takes their medications as prescribed by their healthcare provider.  Non-adherence, when you miss a dose, take doses inappropriately at the wrong time or maybe take too much medication can create very significant problems for the patient.

It’s been estimated that this problem can cost up to 290 billion dollars annually and can result in upwards of 125,000 deaths per year.  The center for medicaid and medicare services here in the US estimated that 11% of hospital readmissions occur because of medication non-adherence.

Our multi-med cards for sale on this site has been developed over several years to help patients take their medications correctly.  They are used by pharmacist around the world to help combat non-adherence and finally they are available for you, the home user.

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