This 7-Day Multi-Med Card is easy to Fill, just 4 easy Steps

Don’t worry it’s super easy to fill your SureMed 7-Day card and save time by filling several cards at one time.  That way you’ll only have to fill your pill box cards once or twice a month.  This saves you time and worry especially when filling a loved ones card as a caregiver.

Step 1. Peel

Remove the pressure sensitive liner from the card to reveal the sealing surface.

Step 2. Insert

Place the card on the sealing template (glue side up). Insert the blister sheet into the card starting with the top row.  Lower the rest of the sheet into the remaining holes.

Step 3. Fill

Using the reverse side printing as a guide, fill the appropriate blister with the required medication.

Step 4. Fold and Seal

Fold the sealing surface to cover the filled blister, using even pressure to seal.

You're Done!

Your clean disposable SureMed 7-Day multi-med card is filled and ready to use.

For More Information

  • Shop for the SureMed 7-Day Card
  • How to assemble a 7-Day Card (pdf)

Your Starter Kit

Your starter kit comes with a 6 month supply of cards and blisters (26 cards/ 26 blisters), one (1) roller and one (1) sealing template.  With future orders you’ll only have to purchase the cards and blisters.

Watch our video as we assemble the SureMed 7-Day multi-med blister card and add 6 different medications. The assembly of the Qube Mini card and the MOT card is filled the exact same way.