Perfect for Caregivers, Seniors and Pharmacies, Disposable Multi-Med & Single Dose Blister Cards for Home Use.

 Easy to Fill at Home, these Cards are Perfect for Caregivers & Seniors

  Finally TAKE CONTROL of your Daily Medication Regimen!

Why use a dirty old plastic pill box when you can use a clean, disposable, easy to fill and use multi-med blister card.

SureMed® 7-Day Multi-Med Card

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Need a Smaller 7-Day Multi-Med Card?

Qube 7-Day Mini Multi-Med Card

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31 Day Single Dose Card

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The Pil-Bob Deblisterer

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 Introducing The New SureMed® 31-Day Multi-Med Blister Card

Each card holds 31 multi-med doses of either your morning, afternoon, evening or bedtime medications, that's a one month supply.

Our New 31-Day Single Dose Foam

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Used by Pharmacists

These are the exact multi-med blister cards used by professional pharmacists around the world to help patients take their medications correctly each day of the week. Learn More »

Fill at Home, Easy to Use

When it's the right time of day, it's very easy to push through the foil backing to release your medications.  Bad memory, the broken foil indicates the dose was taken. Learn More »

Filling Cards as Caregivers

As a Caregiver, you'll have peace of mind by securely filling and sealing blister cards for your loved ones.  You can fill several weeks of cards in advance. Learn More »

They are the exact same pill pack cards used by pharmacies around the world and up until now not available to the home user.

My Mum has Parkinson's and uses these Cards to Correctly take her Medications on Time Every Day

This is my wonderful mother, her name is Margaret.  Several years ago she developed Parkinson's disease and it's progressed to the point where she has a hard time remembering to take her medications on time.  Mum's problem isn't that she needs to take a lot of medications each time period, but that she needs to take them at very specific times of the day, ie. 7am, 11am, 3pm and 7pm.  Without the exact amount of medication in her system throughout the day she'll develop the symptoms that you associate with Parkinson's, which includes tremors and loss of balance and we certainly don't want that.   Follow this link to see how I setup my mum's card to make it really easy for her to use. Learn More »

      Customer Testimonials - See what our customers are saying about our medication packaging!

Our 83 year old beloved mother, was diagnosed 2 years ago with the beginning of Alzheimer's, and 6 months ago with stage 4 cancer.  She's very independent and we wanted to keep her safe as she's being cared for by my father at home.  She has 20+ different medications, and are to be taken at various times throughout the day.  Our daughter-in-law is a pharmacist and suggested we ensure Mom's medication safety by making her blister packs.  My sister is a Palliative care physician and agreed, and found Medication Packaging Solutions online. Read More »

      Assisted Living Facilities and their Expensive Medication Blister Cards that they want you to Buy!!

Medication blister cards supplied by an Assisted Living Facility can cost $10 to $20 a day or more!

Does your loved one live in an Assisted Living facility and does that facility insist that you pay huge fees to have your medications packaged in blister packs? Facility supplied blister cards can be exceptional expensive as they insist on using their own contract pharmacy that in most cases isn’t covered by your insurance.  In most states Assisted Living residents are considered medically stable. The facility is their home and you can supply your own less expensive medication (from Walgreens, CVS, etc.) packaged in your own single dose cards or pill pack (most facilities will require single dose cards?  Read More »

A Study at Walter Reed Medical Center Backs These Cards Up.

Easy to assemble and fill yourself, watch the video!

This study shows that these cards improved patient adherence for complex medication regimens from 61% to 96%.

Don't worry it's super easy to fill your card in 4 easy steps, save time by filling several cards at one time.

The Sealed Medication Multi-Med Card Versus the Old Pill Box.

Who Uses These Cards

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