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My father, who has dementia, recently started "rearranging" his medicine in his plastic dispenser.  He and my mom are still independent and live on their own, so keeping his medicine secure 100% of the time is not possible.  We found your product after researching pharmacy packaging. It is week three using your product.  He is doing great opening, depensing and taking his medicine on his own. We no longer have to worry about him over medicating himself.  A quick visual of his medicine pack is so easy on our daily home checks.  We also are able to package several weeks and mark the dates on them.  

Thank you for your product!!!

Patricia and Teresa

“The blister cards that Medication Packaging Solutions provide has made it possible for my mother and I to save literally thousands of dollars on medication each year.  If we did not have these cards, we’d be forced to seek another/previous means of getting her medication which have cost her thousands of dollars annually.  More specifically, my mother lives in an assisted living residence that requires medication be in blister cards.

As a veteran, my mother is now receiving her medication from the VA.  They provide their medications via standard bottles and do not provide the service to repackage it.   Your blister cards allow me to meet the assisted living residence requirement.  The kit provides everything I need.  Because of the number of medications my mom needs it is a time-consuming process but the actual procedure of using the cards, inserts and roller is straightforward and simple.

Thank you for your prompt replies to my inquiries and for providing a wonderful service to so many people who need it."

Celeste J in Georgia

Our 83 year old beloved mother, was diagnosed 2 years ago with the beginning of Alzheimer's, and 6 months ago with stage 4 cancer.  She's very independent and we wanted to keep her safe as she's being cared for by my father at home.  She has 20+ different medications, and are to be taken at various times throughout the day.  Our daughter-in-law is a pharmacist and suggested we ensure Mom's medication safety by making her blister packs.  My sister is a Palliative care physician and agreed, and found Medication Packaging Solutions online.  Immediately after organizing Mom's meds with the blister packs, there was a marked improvement with the stress and confusion as far as medications.  We also think she was healthier because there was no mistakes in her taking the wrong meds or more/less meds than needed.  The Blister packs have been a tremendous blessing and we highly recommend it for any patients with multiple meds. It is also very easy with travel and eliminates taking multiple bottles of meds as well. Thank-you!

Serena K. in California

I have been using this product for several years now and I can truly say it has been a life saver, stress reducer, and money saver.  Some years back when my Mom was visiting for the holidays, I found her at the kitchen counter dumping out all of her meds that she had carefully placed into one of those plastic weekly dividers sold at pharmacies and such.  When I asked her what she was doing, she told me she couldn’t remember what pills she had taken so she thought it would be best to dump them all on the counter and start again.  I knew immediately I had a major problem on my hands.  The SureMed Blister Card was the perfect solution.  It allowed me to take over the distribution of her medication without the risk that she might accidentally make an error by taking too much of one pill or not enough of another.  Now I rest easier knowing that her medication management is controlled and there is little risk that she could harm herself through over/under dosage of her meds.  Finally, it’s a significant money saver.  At her current assisted living facility, medication management is $10 per day.   That’s a significant saving.

Paul S. in Delaware

Perfect for quick med check on husband with dementia.

Carol H. in Florida

My parents are 92 and have around the clock care. The blister packs enable me to keep the medicine separate and for the helpers to be sure the correct medicines have been administered correctly.

I cannot imagine keeping the medicine and administering it any other way.

Debbie D. in Virginia

We use the blister packs to package my mother’s morning, noon and evening meds for her assisted living center.  The center requires the medications be in blister packs.  The pharmacy is expensive and not covered by my mother’s insurance.  Also, the blister packs used at this assisted living center only blister pack individual pills.  The Multi-Med blister cards allow us to package all of my mother’s meds in one dispenser.  Much easier for me to prepare and the techs at the assisted living center to disperse.

Thank you

Stacy T. in Utah

Absolutely a sanity saver for my brother and I in dealing with our parents meds.


Leslie C. in Wyoming

My mother is 95 years old and lives two hours from me. She is not able to take her medication on her own. Several years ago I started using the pill caddies. They worked great until she dropped the caddy on the floor and the pills went everywhere. She would sit with the pill bottles and put them back in the bottles based on the descriptions and often got them in the wrong bottles. I searched for some alternate packaging and found your product. It was a great choice for her since I came in weekly and packaged her pills and she was able to keep track of and take her medication. It works great now that she has 24 hour care and there are different caretakers coming in.  Thank you for providing such a wonderful product for children who are caregivers.

Matlynn Y. in North Carolina

My husband takes about 16 pills a day prescribed by four different doctors.  He is bi-polar, has type 2 diabetes, heart issues, and bladder issues. I keep all of his medications in a list by each doctor he sees.  I keep the document in the cloud in case of an emergency.  The pill packs enable him to take his medicines at the right time of day.  I am able to get his medicines ready two to three weeks in advance thanks to the pill packs.  He and I both know if he has missed a dose.  If he misses his bipolar medications, he can't function.  He gets disoriented and confused.  I am so thankful for the blister cards.  They are truly a life saver.


Teresa S. in Georgia

Your blister cards save me a great deal of cost for my husbands medications while he is a resident in a healthcare facility. This allows me to use my preferred pharmacy in lieu of a much more costly contract pharmacy.

Thank you,

Jane M. in Alabama

I was just touching base to let you know how the Blister cards have helped out my 97 year old mother for the past 5 years. It has saved us time and money. Thank you for your help and answering all my questions.

Thank you,

Thomas L. in Texas

This review is addressed to fellow medical support people and patients looking for a safer method to protect and take multiple medical pills at several scheduled times a day.  My Wife has a debilitating neurological Disease since 2003 requiring to take pills 6 times a day.   Medication Packaging Solutions LLC has finally created the safest, fastest and most reliable method to both “hold” and “dispense” multiple pills up to 7 times a day.

We first tried placing multiple pills in the standard plastic “daily flip-up” containers. This method has 2 major disadvantages/design flaws:

1. Pills can easily fall out of the container if the tops of the plastic containers are old or, at a senior moment, accidentally dropping the container on the floor.

2. Patients when they are less than 100% “awake” can too easily poke their fingers and accidentally remove/relocate pills from their required time to be swallowed to another a scheduled time in the container.

Last year we attempted  to catch up with the “electronic age” and purchased two (2) types of automated circular pill dispensers with “bells and whistles”. Negative!

1. It is very difficult to add new or remove pills required by Doctor’s orders.

2. The electronic mechanism must remain level. If angled, or dropped, all of the pills fall out of their assigned compartment into a pile of mixed shapes and colors.

In Summary, my Wife and I sincerely recommend watching medication Packaging Solutions LLC’s Video.  Then, try this amazing product for several months. You should be very satisfied.

Richard & Diana R. in Florida