Medicine-On-Time Single Dose Medication Dispensing

No heat sealer needed, this 31 Day, One Piece Cold Seal Single Dose Blister Card is perfect for packaging single dose medications for long-term care, assisted-living, and correctional facilities.  This is a one piece card where the blister is built into the card.

31 Day (Cold Seal) Single Dose Foam Filling Template

Our newest foam template for (Cold Seal) 31 Day Single Dose Blister Cards. Why pay $28 for a cork sealing template when you can grab this foam template for almost 1/3 the price.

31 Day, One Piece Single Dose Blister Card Assembly


Peel the wax sheet from the back of card. Place the card on the foam sealing template. lining up the corresponding holes.


Fill each blister with the required medication.


Fold the sealing surface to cover the filled blister.  Apply even pressure to seal the medication package, (a hand roller is recommended).

You're Done!

It’s that easy!

Watch our video as we assemble the SureMed 7-Day multi-med blister card and add 6 different medications. The assembly of the Qube Mini card and the MOT card is filled the exact same way.