Caregivers and Medication Management

What wonderful people caregivers are, but that care may include many things that you’ve never been asked to do before.  These day-to-day duties and caregiving responsibilities will undoubtedly include medication management.  Caregivers can experience a greater burden with medication management when it comes to the quantities of medications and the times of the day that they are to be taken.

The right medication packaging can benefit both the caregiver and the patient, the right package can even allow the patient to be more independent.  A well designed medication organizer will make it easy for the patient to be able to take their medication correctly and on time.

How Our Medication Packaging Helps Caregivers

Our goal is to help you with the medications part by offering you a superior packaging solution for taking your medications the right way.  We’ll help you to take the right medication, the right dose at the right time.  Our blister cards are the actual cards used by pharmacies throughout the US and are all made by US based medication blister card manufacturers.

Our Multi-Med 7-Day 4-Pass (4 doses per day) cards are perfect for their ease of filling by the caregiver and how easy it is for patients to understand, use and retrieve their medications.  Caregivers will be able tell instantly by the torn foil that the patient was able to take their medication correctly during the day.

Our Multi-Med 7-Day 4-Pass (4 doses per day) Cards

Why Medication Management Matters

The National Patient Safety Foundation (NPSF) reports that medication errors (patients not taking their medications correctly) harm an estimated 1.5 million Americans each year, resulting in more than $3.5 billion in added medical costs.

The National Council on Patient Information and Education (NCPIE), one of the original patient safety coalitions working to advance the safe, appropriate use of medicines, reports that older adults comprise 13% of the population, but account for 34% of all prescription medicine use and 30% of all over-the-counter (OTC) drug use. In addition, four out of five older adults live with one or more chronic conditions necessitating the regular use of multiple medicines, and according to a recent survey of 17,000 Medicare beneficiaries, an estimated two of five patients take five or more medications daily.

Because older adults are at increased risk of serious adverse drug events, including falls, depression, confusion, hallucinations and malnutrition, they are more susceptible to illness, hospitalization and death from medicine errors.

We don't want our parents or whoever we caretaking for to end up in the hospital, the solution is proper medication management.

The NCPIE reports that drug-related complications have been attributed to the use of multiple medicines and associated drug interactions, age-related changes, human error and poor medical management. Considering almost 40% of seniors are unable to read prescription labels, and some 67% are unable to understand information given to them and add to that age-related physiological changes, use of multiple medicines, drug interactions, inappropriate prescribing and monitoring of drug therapy, medication management is a huge concern for both older adults and their grown adult children.

Look What Our Customers Have To Say

My father, who has dementia, recently started “rearranging” his medicine in his plastic dispenser.  He and my mom are still independent and live on their own, so keeping his medicine secure 100% of the time is not possible.  We found your product after researching pharmacy packaging. It is week three using your product.  He is doing great opening, depensing and taking his medicine on his own. We no longer have to worry about him over medicating himself.  A quick visual of his medicine pack is so easy on our daily home checks.  We also are able to package several weeks and mark the dates on them.  

Thank you for your product!!!  Patricia and Teresa

“The blister cards that Medication Packaging Solutions provide has made it possible for my mother and I to save literally thousands of dollars on medication each year.  If we did not have these cards, we’d be forced to seek another/previous means of getting her medication which have cost her thousands of dollars annually.  More specifically, my mother lives in an assisted living residence that requires medication be in blister cards.

As a veteran, my mother is now receiving her medication from the VA.  They provide their medications via standard bottles and do not provide the service to repackage it.   Your blister cards allow me to meet the assisted living residence requirement.  The kit provides everything I need.  Because of the number of medications my mom needs it is a time-consuming process but the actual procedure of using the cards, inserts and roller is straightforward and simple.

Thank you for your prompt replies to my inquiries and for providing a wonderful service to so many people who need it.”    Celeste J in Georgia

Our 83 year old beloved mother, was diagnosed 2 years ago with the beginning of Alzheimer’s, and 6 months ago with stage 4 cancer.  She’s very independent and we wanted to keep her safe as she’s being cared for by my father at home.  She has 20+ different medications, and are to be taken at various times throughout the day.  Our daughter-in-law is a pharmacist and suggested we ensure Mom’s medication safety by making her blister packs.  My sister is a Palliative care physician and agreed, and found Medication Packaging Solutions online.  Immediately after organizing Mom’s meds with the blister packs, there was a marked improvement with the stress and confusion as far as medications.  We also think she was healthier because there was no mistakes in her taking the wrong meds or more/less meds than needed.  The Blister packs have been a tremendous blessing and we highly recommend it for any patients with multiple meds. It is also very easy with travel and eliminates taking multiple bottles of meds as well.

Thank-you!  Serena K. in California

Perfect for quick med check on husband with dementia.

Carol H. in Florida

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As a Caregiver Compare the Sealed Medication Multi-Med Card Versus the Old Plastic Pill Box

One 7-Day, 4-Pass Multi-Med Card     =     Four 7-Day, 1-Pass Plastic Pill Boxes