The Medicine-On-Time 7-Day

Multi-Med Compliance Package

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It's never been more important for individuals to take their medications correctly and on time. With non-adherence costing us upwards of 290 billion dollars annually and resulting in upwards of 125,000 deaths per year taking your medications correctly is more important than ever. The packaging that Medication Packaging Solutions sells makes it so easy and convenient to take multiple medications each day without confusion.


Our Medicine On Time sealed and disposable 7-Day multi-med compliance package are perfect for those who want to simplify their medication regimen. This pharmacy grade blister card can be filled, sealed and labeled easily at home. Your starter kit comes with a 6 month supply of cards and blisters, roller and foam template to help you quickly fill your Compliance Package  Best yet you’ll be able to fill multiple cards at one time, which will last you of your loved ones for two weeks or more.


This MOT 7-Day Compliance Package will help you organize all of your medications for a specific day and time in one blister. That way on Sunday morning you’ll look for the column labeled “Morning” and find the row labeled Sunday” to find your correct medication for that day and time. If you need to take multiple medications at the same time but at different times of the day, then this is the perfect medication multi-med package for you.


It's a two part (separate card and blister) card that easy to assemble and use. Each day of this 7 day package is broken into morning, noon, evening and bedtime. Approx. 8 medications can be inserted into each blister.


Using this medication packaging solution can drastically improve the life of the patient and provide peace-of-mind for their loved ones or caregivers. This medication packaging is used by consumers and pharmacies around the world because of its simplicity, versatility and effectiveness.


Pop Open panel for easy deblistering

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